Government jobs

Everyone knows that government job is a everlasting job. It is the very essential feature as it is economic depression time. Government jobs are available for any filed and any sector. Engineers or degree students need not worry about it. Generally engineers from any branch can jump to software or any other sector. But software engineers do not have that opportunity. They can just shift to other sector but cannot jump to other branch jobs.

Not only private companies are in software field, there are even government companies in software filed. Not only software filed there are many other companies in electric, civil, aero and chemical department related to government.

Government jobs include both in central and state. State government jobs means, jobs in government companies present only your state. Central government jobs means, job in government companies present your country.

The salary for central government employees is more than state government employees. People strive hard to get government job. It is very difficult because lot of competition is present. Because of that, government started conducting some competitive exams to test the ability of the candidate suitable for that particular job.

The competitive exam depends upon the job you want to apply. Few exams are Group I, group II, and group III, Civils, and UPSC etc exams for jobs in government offices to serve the government.

For jobs in government companies like NFC, ECL, BHEL, DRDO etc have their own entrance exam. With clearance of these entrance exams takes you to next level of interview which is part of interview process.

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